Permanent Residence Applications
Temporary Residence Applications
Other Immigration Services

Permanent Residence Applications
We provide assistance with all types of permanent residence applications, including:
Provincial Nominations
Canadian Experience Class
Skilled Workers
Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed
Family Class
Humanitarian and Compassionate Class

Temporary Residence Applications
In some cases, only temporary residence status is desired or the path to permanent residence requires temporary resident status. We have much experience with all of the following types of applications:
Work Permits
Study Permits
Temporary Resident Visas (including Business Visitors)
Extension or Restoration of Status

Certain criminal charges or convictions may render a foreign national inadmissble to Canada for both temporary and permanent residence applications. The same may also apply to individuals with medical issues. To overcome these issues, the following applications may be required:
Criminal Rehabilitation
Deemed Rehabilitation
Temporary Resident Permits

Permanent residents may wish to obtain citizenship status for various benefits. You may also be a Canadian already if you were born outside of Canada to a Canadian parent. Call us to set up a consultation to determine whether you may qualify for:
Grant of Citizenship
Proof of Citizenship
Resumption of Citizenship

Other Immigration Services
We also provide services and advice in the following areas:
Maintaining Permanent Residence Status
Renewals or Replacement of Permanent Resident Cards
Obtaining Verification of Entry
Confirmation of Departure
Travel Document
Correction or Replacement of Immigration Documents
Access to Information or Privacy Requests